St Peters Western fully endorses the Guideline for Parents and Carers developed by Swimming Australia. In summary, this Guideline outlines that, as parents and carers, your role is to support your child(ren) by:

  • encouraging your child's participation in a positive manner;
  • not engaging in behaviour that discriminates against any other person on the basis of gender, race, ability, colour, religion, language, politics or national or ethnic origin;
  • not engaging in, or threatening to engage in, violent or physical confrontations with any other person;
  • not encouraging or inciting swimmers to violence or similar breaches of competition rules or spirit;
  • expressing your support by cheering our swimmers and not engaging in behaviour designed to belittle, insult or intimidate others;
  • never mocking or insulting participants - including our own - when they make a mistake or do not swim well;
  • demonstrating good sportsmanship by respecting and acknowledging good results and/or behaviour by competitors;
  • respecting and accepting the decisions of officials and not criticising or arguing about decisions during or after the event, other than raising concerns through appropriate channels;
  • not entering the swimming area, inclusive of pool, without appropriate authority; and
  • following any directions of Swimming Australia, Member Association or Club staff or officials, including any request to modify your behaviour or to leave a facility following a breach of these guidelines.

Serious or ongoing breaches of these guidelines will not be tolerated.  Those who breach our guidelines risk being asked to leave the event and/or being prohibited from attending future events.

Click here for the full guidelines.





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