Nationals Uniform Policy

  1. Eligibility
    • To be eligible for a full Nationals Uniform Kit, the athlete must qualify for Nationals and compete in individual events.

    • Relay only swimmers will be presented with a basic kit (T-shirt and generic cap).

    • Inclusions / exclusions are possible at the coach’s discretion in consultation with the committee executive.

  2. Nationals uniform kit

    • Club funds permitting, as a minimum the Nationals uniform kit will consist of a named (surname) cap and a T-shirt.

    • Depending on sponsorship and funds held by the club, further items may be included each season up to a maximum budget per swimmer, to be agreed by the committee that season.

    • Most uniform suppliers require an order to be placed 6 weeks prior to delivery. Athletes who have qualified or who are likely to qualify (as decided by the coaches) will be sized prior to this date.

      • The uniform convenor will negotiate with the successful uniform supplier that minimum uniform orders (cap and Tshirt) can be placed for late qualifiers with a two week turnaround (see late qualifiers below).

    • All athletes sized for uniforms (or their parents) will be emailed the sizes as confirmation after sizing.

  3. Qualified, do not swim

    • If the athlete has qualified for Nationals but does not intend to compete, it is their responsibility at sizing to let the uniform convenor know that a uniform is not required for them.

    • If the athlete or parent receives an email confirming sizes, this confirms that a uniform order will be placed for the athlete. If this email is received and the athlete is not intending to compete, it is their responsibility to let the uniform convenor know that an order is not required.

    • Should the athlete choose not to compete once the order has been placed, they will be responsible for reimbursing the club for this cost. The athlete will not be presented with the uniform.

    • Should the athlete change their mind after this and decide to compete, no uniform will be provided unless the uniform supplier is able to fill the order in time within the agreed budget.

    • Should the athlete not be able to compete due to medical or compassionate reasons, the club will absorb the cost of the uniform. The athlete will not be presented with the uniform.

  4. Late qualifier

    • Where swimmers are identified as likely qualifiers by the coach, but have not qualified by the uniform order date, minimum uniform items (named cap and Tshirt) will be ordered for them (assuming suppliers can turn orders around).

    • A smaller number of “average” sizes of additional uniform items will be ordered in an attempt to allow these late qualifiers to be presented with all uniform items. Correct sizes and all items cannot be guaranteed.

    • Should the athlete not qualify they will not be presented with the uniform.


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