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  St Peters Western Long Course Prep Meet                                                                                

St Peters Lutheran College                                                                                    8th September 2018


Event details & entry procedure and program of events available HERE *updated 10th Aug

Link to online meet entry available HERE. Nominations close Monday 27th August 2018.


Link to timeline available HERE


2018 State Teams Championship                                                                                                         

AIS, Canberra                                                                                                             3-5 October 2018


Athlete eligibility available HERE.


2018 McDonalds Queensland Open Water  Championships                                                           

Lake Kawana                                                                                                               19 October 2018


More information will be posted when available.



Information about entries:

Swimming Queensland is making a concerted effort to encourage meet organisers to have meet nominations for their meets made online through the ClubLANE Online Meet Entry System (OME) that most SPW members should now be familiar with.

SPW is fully supportive of this initiative and in the main, will only be promoting meets (on this page) using the OME system.

If you have not already done so, you will need to obtain the ClubLANE username and password for each swimmer wanting to nominate for meets (who must be a Dolphin or competitive swimmer and must be financial).  If you do not have the username/password, please email register@spwswim.com.au to be sent a password reset email.

If the meet is not on this page then it is not a coach requested meet and manual/online nominations will need to be done directly with the club holding the meet.  Their meet flyer on their website will normally give instructions on how to do this and this will need to be done regardless of the number of SPW swimmers nominating. 

If you are unsure, or have a query or suggestion, email the Race Secretary at race@spwswim.com.au.

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