Club Night

Club night at SPW is a fun evening for the whole family, and is open to all swimmers aged from 5-13 years. 

The focus is on fun, participation and improvement.  Club nights are a great introduction to racing for our young swimmers as well as being a great opportunity for our junior competitive swimmers to gain additional race practice.

Swimmers already a member of SPW, whether competitive or recreational, are eligible for club night and are able to participate via the weekly registration process (see below).  Recreational swimmers wanting to participate that are not a member of the club first need to join via this website and click the 'join now' button at the bottom of the Home page.  Uniforms for new financial members are normally made available for pick up at the pool at the first club night.

The first club night for 2017 is on Friday, 13th October at 6.00 pm at the 25M pool.  Come along to sign on, have a chat and enjoy a BBQ while learning about the club.  Club night runs every Friday night during Term 4.  At the conclusion of the term (Friday night, November 24) there will be a presentation night and a series of all age (including parents!) relays.

There is no cost for club night for registered members of the club.  For additional details, please contact our Club Night Convenors on


Club night registration process 

1.  Go to
2.  Enter the username and password for the swimmer you wish to enter.  You should have received an email from the SPW Registrar with these details.
3.  Click on 'Meets' on the left hand side of the screen.
4. Click on 'Club'.
5. Click on 'Detail'.
6. Ensure that the swimmer name is correct and then press 'Enter'.
7. Enter 'Yes' in the events you wish to enter:
   (a) Only enter either a 25M or 50M distance for each stroke, not both
   (b)  If you are unsure, enter the 25M events
   (c)  To enter a 50M event, the swimmer must have swum the following qualifying times for 25M:
          - freestyle - 23 seconds
          - butterly - 25 seconds (and have approval from a coach)
          - backstroke - 27 seconds
          - breaststroke - 28 seconds
   (d)  Once entered, click on the 'Proceed' button.  Verify that the events are correct and then press 'continue'.
This should complete the booking process.  If not, please email




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